Monday, 20 December 2010

Way Down In Kokomo

I'm not down in Kokomo. Heck I don't even know where Kokomo is. But I wish I was there. I'm not. Instead I'm drowning in bills, junk mail and endless Christmas lists that aren't mine. And a credit card that's hit DECLINE. Plus I'm back into my winter woollies! Yowser.

My Christmas list is very simple. Very streamlined. I'd like a new lip gloss for Christmas thanks Santa!

One of my faithful readers asked me to help her out of a gift glut. She'd hit the skids and needed inspiration for her boss. A double whammy because his birthday falls right near Christmas, so really she needed two ideas - and he's a non-drinker.
I feel I've let her down. Sorry dear reader, I really am. I had good intentions.
It's like the gingerbread house I bought and have still not constructed, sorry to the Doctor and Tiny. I am scoring myself a #fail this Christmas.
But fear not, I do have some ideas for a style-savvy, non-drinking, double whammy male. Check 'em out home girl!
Head into your closest David Jones and snaffle some Geoffrey Beene handkerchiefs Actually check before you go, just in case.

Who doesn't love to play frisbee? There's no more superior throwing power than the supremely good Aerobie. Love. Love. Love.No matter if your man-child has a pair of Havaianas already - nothing beats a fresh pair in a fresh new colour. Hello SUMMER! Men deserve to look and feel good too! Get them some lip schmackos from Mecca Cosmetica. Y to the UM!

Other ideas?

- A nice new beach towel

- A magazine subscription

- A music voucher

- A nice new set of playing cards. I know just the ones.



Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

You crack me up. Always. Where the heck is Kokomo anyway? Let's all take a trip someday. Love the tips - I especially agree with the Havi's and the lip balm. 5 stars to you my girl! x

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Mecca is my mecca. Shame I can`t afford a damn thing in there at the moment. Declined credit card?
Been there. Done that. Um last week actually...x