Monday, 24 January 2011

Crazy Dancing

Rihanna. Ahh Rihanna. You give me such joy. I love crazy dancing and imagine wedging my bubble butt into some acid brights like yours. I could wiggle it baby. (And people could say "Who's that crazy chick?")

I think I'm well and truly overdue for some crazy dancing. Like dancing on table tops kind of dancing. Like showing some whipper snappers how it's done kind of dancing.

Sometimes I need that.

Anyone in?


Little Pinwheel said...

I am in... seriously this skinny butt needs to do some wiggling! x

mrs smith said...

Like Flynn, Shake it sista!

BuBbles said...

Hells yeah!

Sarah said...

How about a flashmob in some cooler than cool pub....wearing that Cher-esq outfits (although Rhianna's is a little more appealing must be the one shoulder thing combined with the suspenders) whatdoyathhink?