Monday, 28 February 2011

Picks So Far

My picks from the Oscars so far...
Amy Adams - loving that red hair with the midnight-blue sparkles. Simple, chic, elegant.
Cate Blanchett - sure she looks space age, but she looks beautiful. She's giving E.T. a run for his money.
Penelope Cruz - I'm not super big on the dress, but the look of love on their faces. AYE CARUMBA! Just like her flaming dress - they are SIZZLING!
Florence Welch - yes, yes, yes. LOVE!
Michelle Williams - it's a well-known fact that I love Michelle Williams. Classic, beautiful silhouette. Classy broad.
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Siobhan said...

Can we all agree that is Cate the classiest person ever to walk the Earth?

toni said...

I tell you Cate is my fashion pick. She is just gorgeous.

But....if I was going I would be wearing Florence's dress. I loves it.

Anna said...

I love Cate ... but her dress is remining me of one of those fancy Louis arm chairs.

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

I LOVE Michelle as much as the next person and she always rocks up to these things looking amazing. Maybe it's just this photo but I think she looks a out? at least her eyebrows have some colour.

Please don't hurt me.