Saturday, 26 February 2011


Last night the Doctor whispered to me. We were sitting on my bed together before his bedtime. Man I love cuddling my babes before they snuggle down for for sleep time.

"I'm having a great time at school. I didn't think I'd like it before, but I think it's really fun."

Funny little intuitive creatures. I've had such anxiety about school. We missed a note telling us about the Kindergarten Breakfast BBQ - so we missed it. I felt guilty. (And for those that haven't started school yet, there are notes. A lotta notes. I could almost bind them and you'd not know the difference between the school notes and War & Peace. That many notes.)

I am so grateful that my little peeps are so awesome and inspiring.
* It pains me that the Doctor is no longer this small. Where the heck did you go time?!


Michele said...

Oh man the NOTES. I hear you. I remember thinking this is another one of those things that noone tells you about mothering. The notes and the little bits of money you have to keep finding to pay for this show and that fundraiser and all that sort of stuff. Oh and the lunches, the relentless tedium of the school runs, the fact it always seems to rain at school time. And the complete furphy that life is sooooo much easier when they are at school. Mythbusters eat your heart out, had heaps more time to self and with kids pre school age. Rant over (PS glad hes loving school and I had to laugh at that tshirt my Thomas obsessed little boy would love that one - except it has no numbers and pictures but still)

Lucy said...

Ah, sweet relief.

The notes just get worse. I have a ring binder for them. Ridiculous.

Lisa said...

We almost missed a note for THE breakfast sausage sizzle. Phew, lucky we found it or the little miss would not have been happy. I wish they would email me the notes then I wouldn't miss them and it would stop wasting paper!!!!

Anna said...

so cute! i love how they know just what to say sometimes.

the other night i was putting matilda to bed and after our goodnights and hugs i walked out and she yelled out to me "mum you make me laugh" gotta love them.