Thursday, 17 March 2011

Art & About

Despite me being down on Sydney and chastising it for being so damn ridiculously uber expensive, it is a beautiful city.
I had the smalls all to myself on Sunday afternoon, Matt was studying, so we ventured out into this pretty city of ours.

First stop - Art Gallery of NSW. They hold a whole host of kids programs - some of which are free. Definitely worth checking out. It only goes for around 1/2 an hour - which is such perfect timing to hold the attention of the smalls. And the Doctor chose his favourite painting. He'll be saving up a while for that one.

After the gallery, we meandered our way through the Botanic Gardens. Man oh man, a slice of heaven - aye aye aye! I always fall in love with this part of Sydney - and wonder why I don't visit it often enough.
And of course - the smalls loved that crazy travel-ator thing at Domain carpark. Maybe next time we'll just ride on that all afternoon.


Christina said...

I love kids programs at art galleries. Art should totally be inviting to children and get them involved and interested.

And travelators, I still find those so fun! I love them in airports where there is like three or four of them in a row. I feel like I am in a computer game. :)

Two Tuesdays said...

You know; my best mate had the best trick - she told her kids that the escalator was a really ace ride and she had to spend heaps of dollars to let them go on it so if they were really really really good they could have a ride after the shopping. It totally works! Little T thinks the escalator is this whiz bang luxurious ride and thinks I'm the bees knees for letting her go on it (but only if she is good)!

Go the travelator!

Oh, and, I totes miss that gallery!


Duyvken said...

Ever since my stroller and I almost got trapped on the (insanely narrow) travelator at the Domain carpark with the older kids running ahead and disappearing into the distance I've been too nervous to brave the city by myself with all the little ones. I do love taking them to the gallery and the museum though so I might have to force myself to do it again soon!!