Monday, 7 March 2011

Aspirational: Here's Your Pep Talk

I've been thinking a lot lately, about the beauty in being unique.

Take for example if all houses were exact copies of the house next door, all the houses in the street were exactly the same. There's no beauty, it's just replicas. Carbon copies.

There is great joy in difference. In unique-ness.

And I think this applies to bodies. In particular female figures.

If all women looked the same, had the same figures, same bra size, same waist measurements, same same same, en masse - mirror image, no difference. Boring. Beyond boring. You'd be like a car, mass-produced, pick your year and your model and off you go.

Rejoice in your figure. No one else has it. Celebrate your flaws. No one else has the same. Revel in your unique-ness.
End of pep talk.


Anonymous said...

Here here! Don't you sometimes look at healthy curvy chicks and just want to eat them up! Some people just dress so great for their figure it's an inspiration!

Good post!

Little Pinwheel said...

as you would know, I have only just recently done this. I have not only done this with my body, but with the person I am. It is a beautiful moment to reach in a woman's life, and a moment I believe every woman should have. I have bits and pieces, but these bits and pieces are me.

Rock on Lexi... and rock on to beautiful women x

willywagtail said...

We should rejoice in our figures because no one else WILL. hehe I totally get your point but unfortunately it takes a girl quite a while to get that sensible. What has really helped me is a large friend - size 22 - who still criticises other fatties. It's been a wake up and face reality call about how biased society is. Cherrie

kelly louise said...

I've recently realised that I am constantly criticizing other women's bodies, not just my own. While my husband and I watch movies, he is adoring all the nice bits of body parts on display while I am focused on the flaws. I have a reasonably healthy body image now, but I am still a woman, and the effect of the media on our self perception is a tough one to negate.
In conclusion, I agree completely!

Mama Mogantosh said...

Testify Lexi! Nice post. Important to say this stuff loud and proud as often as possible to balance out the constancy of the opposite message.

pepper said...

I am getting there, to that point where I can say hello body, you are pretty darn perfect for keeping my insides in, and the outside out, and you look pretty darn good too. good job!

shine little light* said...

YEAH! *s*

shine little light* said...

YEAH! *s*

Beauty Spotter said...

Great post! that's so true.. women should embrace the figure they have instead of trying to to be something they're not!