Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Flat Stanleys/Puppy Remedy

What are your remedies for having an acute case of the Flat Stanleys?

Me? I look at this funny, funny photo of Tiny. Tiny is, without doubt, a great source of amusement.

She LOVES this little rattle that she was given as a newborn. It's not a rattle to her. It's a bone. She's a puppy with a little bone. She walks around with that little bone wedged in her puppy mouth. Then she starts sucking the saliva out of it. It's woeful, let me tell you. Then she curls up on my pillow with the bone, and dribbles on my pillow. It's gross, and yet it's funny. It's so funny.

That little puppy. That little nuded up puppy with a bunny bone. She loves that little bone - and who am I to mess with the puppy and it's bone?


Cindy said...

Ok, now it is just freaking me out. Poppy had the exact same one and loved it soooo much but lost it - or I bet she would be carrying it in her mouth too.
Boo to crap days xx

Mama Mogantosh said...

She's mental. I love her.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think Dickens was thinking of a three year old when he wrote about it being the best and worst of times (and not the French Revolution at all). Love the imagination.

patchworkoncentralpark said...

My youngest had a ruggie! it was a sheepskin rug that went everywhere. One night we went out(pre mobile phones) and forgot to leave it. She was inconsolable until a moccasin was found to substitute. Yuk.
She even took small bits of the ruggie to school camp as she got older.