Monday, 21 March 2011

Japan's Kids

I can't even imagine explaining to children what's happening in Japan right now. I keep the TV on minimally. I don't go into too much detail with the Doctor, and I don't want him to see too much on the news. He asked a lot about the flooding in Queensland, and afterwards he was scared. He vocalised this a number of times, and I had to try and allay those fears.


Little Pinwheel said...

I too watch no news. for them and for me. it hurts a lot and knowing a few people there affected is heartbreaking. one of my friends has arrived back in australia with her son, because of the radiation. her husband had to stay. too much pain for us. protecting our little people is important in these cases. x

My Bearded Pigeon said...

I agree- they don't need to know I saw some dumb thing about how to explain this to small children? WHY? Busy knows nothing about Japan, why would I tell her something that will frighten here- she cannot comprehend other countries and how far away that is.
We told her very minimally aout ChCh earthquake as her we have close family thee but we didn't tell her people had died ort even lost there houses- just that there was an earthquake.