Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oh Japan

So I had a quick chat with Jac at Operation Angel yesterday. She is amazing, inspiring and awesome - I came off that phonecall feeling so in awe.

Given her background (you can read more about her here) she has some unique insights and gave me the heads up on what's needed in Japan right now.

If you are crafty and clever - maybe you could stitch up a softie to be sent to the children who have been affected by the catastrophe in Japan? Jac mentioned that for children - it's important that they can still be children, and that there are provisions in place to let this continue - a safe place for children to play - while their parents can work out some sort of plan. It might not sound like much, but a soft toy can provide comfort to a small child. I had some other thoughts such as a pencil case full of coloured pencils and notepads, stickers, perhaps these could be useful? I'm just throwing ideas into the air - maybe someone will catch an idea and make it grow? Or we can work together? A merry band of bloggers?

Other ways you can help:

Save The Children

CARE Japan



teddybearswednesday said...

sounds like a wonderful idea to me Lex xo

umi said...

hi lexi, tried all those websites but nothing pertaining to the quake and items needed came up??

xx tali

Amy (badskirt) said...

Sarah mentioned Operation Angel to me today. I'm going to bring a dozen softies into the shop tomorrow which are ready to fly to Japan. Thanks for letting us know how we can help