Sunday, 20 March 2011

Saving Sydney

This week I had the great joy of receiving an email from my MIL containing tips on "how to save".

I abstained from responding all manner of responses. Right now, Sydney's sucking the marrow from us, all that's good and positive is being drained straight out. Right now, Sydney sucks.

Sydney is a shining, dazzling city that's fooled itself into thinking it's bigger than it actually is. When a 2 bedroom apartment on Sydney's outskirts is on par with an apartment in Manhattan - well you've really got to think, Sydney you're a bit of a bloated over-rated money whore.

And as if SMH was keyed into my thoughts, this week a piece on Sydney's lowdown ugly-ness.

Where to next?

Jesus saves. But not on my wage, and not while living in Sydney.


Corrie said...

hear you! After sitting in traffic for almost 2 hours yesterday instead of a 1/2 hour trip it was another reason I want to leave the city, get a couple of acres, grow my own vegies and have a smaller mortgage. But retro daddy is the city boy....this city is crazy and I can't even imagine how our kids will afford to live here in the future.

keep smiling,

mrs smith said...

You need to come to the south island - its a chilly, southern paradise on a budget. Or Manhattan would be ace!

Lisa said...

I recommend moving to Brisbane. I think you can have the best of both worlds here :)

Siobhan said...

FFS it's called NEWCASTLE.

CurlyPops said...

You could always come and join us in Melbourne???

Danielle said...

So hearing you. We couldnt afford the life we wanted in Sydney so we choose Brisbane. We miss itcdearly but it's crazy and frantic and I don't think we could go back now we have kids. When we go back for weekends i feel so flustered but I still love you Sydney..

Mel said...

Yep,I'm over it too!!!!
We too receive lttile hints on saving from the folks,but we with 3kids it's impossible.
PLUS we don't do alls goes on essentials.
I LOVE Sydney but we just don't do the Sydney we want to anymore.
We are moving back to my home town within the next month with very mixed feelings.

Mon Alisa Design said...

Moving out of Sydney is the best thing we ever did. Something has changed in Sydney. I still go down occasionally to visit my folks but feel sad that the community that I grew up in is all but lost. Hubby was working all the time just to keep us afloat. We hardly saw him. I felt poisoned by the city, I was consumed by PND too so we literally just packed up and left.
I miss a few things though...being able to go to the beach, the harbour, thai restaurants and the more accepting attitude towards social issues. Oh and having no-one gossip about me, that is rampant in our town (hence why no facebook for me anymore) x