Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Day The Doctor Scored A Goal Against Wendell Sailor

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We headed to the Marrickville PCYC on the weekend to check out the Tetra Pak Kids event hosted by sport start Wendell Sailor and chef Darren Simpson. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

If you know me, you know I am not an exercise junkie, I wish I was that way inclined, but Lycra and I just aren't great friends. I was thinking we'd check out the action for an hour or so, but it was two and a half hours before we headed out with two totally pooped kids. It was that much fun.

The smalls had a great time getting active - playing soccer, racing against one another in a jumping castle obstacle course, playing some kind of skittles game in teams - or drinking carton after carton of milk (Tiny).

The Doctor took on king of the kids, Wendell Sailor, and scored himself a goal. Proud moment - even though the Doctor has NO idea who Wendell Sailor is. The photo is stuck on his bedroom wall - ready to go to school for news.

Darren Simpson demonstrated just how easy it is to make rice paper rolls - and eat them in one mouthful. I was salivating and a little dirty I didn't get to try one. But thems the breaks folks. I'll just have to make my own with the little people.

There were people streaming in throughout the afternoon, it's a free event, and it really does reinforce how fun being active can be and how quick and easy healthy eating is (and how the smalls love being involved making quick eats!).

You can check out a whole repertoire of Darren's easy and delicious - nutrilicious (see how I made that word up?!) recipes here.

And if you're like me, and need some hints to get active - in a fun, foolproof way, Wendell's got it tapped here.

And if you'd like the opportunity for your children to be worn out, you can check out the Tetra Pak Kids events at two more Sydney locations:


Saturday 16th April 2011

Penrith PCYC, 100 Station Street, Penrith



Saturday 23rd April 2011

Campbelltown PCYC, 95 Minto Road, Minto



Anonymous said...

What an awesome day! Big Dell and Darren Simpson? Perfect! Darren Simpson has the best, fool proof risotto recipe. He is ace. I am so envious.

Sarah said...

wish they come to Hobart... I have heard good stuff about them...