Sunday, 24 April 2011

Of Eggs. And Chocolate. And A Distinct Lack of Sleep.

Tiny missed the memo that informed her to sleep in. Actually, to sleep at all last night.

We were unceremoniously roused from our slumber at from around 2am onwards. Thanks Tiny. Thanks a bunch. I love it when you scream and go beserk in the fog of darkness. It's such a hoot. And then you keep going. And I feel like going beserk myself.

The Doctor woke early this morning totally ecstatic that the Easter Bunny had been. Once we all surfaced from our broken-slumber they went a-hunting through the garden. Man I love watching them. Cute attack.

And for the rest of the day, we hung out at Matt's dad's place and lunched with him, went for a walk. Tiny threw herself on the footpath. I stole the Doctor's scooter for a ride.

Tiny has been eating her 'Easters' all day. Hidden in the privacy of her little house, she has hidden her basket full of eggs, and has left a trail of foil all over the house. You can imagine what a winning combination a very tired preschooler, and a heck of a lot of chocolate is. WINNER.

And that folks was Easter Sunday. It's a wrap.

But what about this big bunny? What did he bring you today?


Sarah said...

argh TINY!!!!!

I bet ya mum would be a whole lot nice than me! Count your lucky stars I am not your mum Tiny!!!!

norbyah said...

he brought me an early start also. the biggest (eight) was up at twenty to five in the morning. followed by both the bigs at 5:54. we told them it wasn't even 6 am yet, and were met with the minute by minute telling of time. finally at 6:20, we relented and went downstairs. argh!