Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tiny Goes To Rio (Tinto)

Yesterday I decided to take the smalls on a last hoorah to celebrate my final-day-of-very-long-weekend-spent-being-very-lazy-at-home.

Hop or Rio? The Doctor voted Rio. Tiny voted Hop. And then she decided on Rio Tinto, and was hell bent on heading to Rio Tinto until we gently explained it wasn't really a destination she'd dig on (boom boom!) unless she wanted to wear a hard hat.

And apparently she did not want to wear a hard hat. Rather, she'd prefer to wear:

3 x skirts

1 x dress

2 x tops

1 x net

Yep. A net. She really wanted to wear this net to the movies.

I am pretty darn liberal when I let my kids choose what they want to wear. But I stood there and started imagining walking into the cinema with this small child with a net on her head. I had to tell Tiny there would be no net wearing today. Save that for when Daddy wants to go out in public. He LOVES it when you wear nets out in public.

And Rio? We really loved Rio. Despite having to sit in the very front row, and damning the critics and their miserly star allocation. We three all loved Rio! And luckily Tiny's vision wasn't obstructed with the net.


Jessi said...

love it!

very cute!

we saw hop and we loved it. rio will be next on the list!

norbyah said...

how funny! she has a keen fashion sense a la Lady Gaga! good thing she decided no net-- it would have obstructed her viewing of the movie.
enjoy the rest of your time of with the kiddos.

katiecrackernuts said...

She needs a blog. She makes Tavi look like an amateur.

Peter said...

I loved Rio too. Nigel. That parrot stole the show. Or maybe it's just Jermaine Clement's voice.

Tiny is so funny! I think her outfit and net would get her into the Royal Wedding.

Anna Bartlett said...

ah, that made me laugh! we saw rio but the 3 year old decided she was cold, and tired, and very nearly fell asleep on my lap. I LOVED Jermaine Clement's voice.
But Monsters Inc is still my all time animated favourite I'm afraid.

rianz said...

Ha! She looks like she's channelling Sia. You know.... like in this vid for "Buttons"....

jody said...

What a crack up, too funny! Lovin your blog pmm! x