Friday, 6 May 2011

A Cat Lady

After re-locating our rabbit back to its breeder, and ever since our goldfish turned black and learnt how to float, we've been pet-less.

I enjoyed not having to look after another being. Life was simpler. I didn't have a rabbit eating my brand new jeans. Or a goldfish needing its tank to be cleaned.

And then it got a bit sad, and I had a word in Matt's ear about the smalls needing a pet and the fact that by our smalls ages, I had about fifty bazillion pets, inadvertently killed a duck, dug up worms for my mum for Mother's Day, and so much more.

So I emailed to ask if our landlord would let us get a cat.

Let me be upfront.

We're cat people. We like dogs. We love cats. Well I do, anyway.

I waited over a month - no response. Playing hard to get.

So I emailed again. Finally a response. Negative. Apparently our landlord had a bad experience with a previous tenant in another abode. They had cats. In a carpeted apartment that came fully furnished. And it was trashed by a cat lady.

So no. No we could not have a cat. Not now, not never. Not even in ten minutes.

Problem is, our house is our own furniture and we have floorboards.

Real estate agents. You can switch on your brains now.

So for now, we have to make do with going out at night and catching the snails for the smalls. Yep, that is what's in that little plastic container that Tiny holds so excitedly.

We have pet snails.


Kat said...

I know how you feel. I really want a dog and have since we moved out of home but at first we couldn't afford one so decided to wait till after our Europe trip. So when we got home we emailed the landlord and he said we were not allowed "pets of any kind" in the house. I was so bummed! So now I have to wait till we buy a house which won't be till next year.

Mon Alisa Design said...

That sucks eggs. When we were leasing out our house in Sydney I allowed pets purely for the reason of marketing it as a family home. I don't see it being a problem if there's floorboards?
I'm a cat person too and am now lucky enough to have myself a little kitten. I never had dogs growing up. Obi is my first and I must say he is just lovely. Enormous but sweet :)
How about a hermit crab?

Hazel said...

LOL my first pet was a silverfish! I think Mum & Dad thought 5 children was enough to look after, we didn't get a real pet until I was 10!

angela said...

Ha ha Lexi we are having the same problem, my six year old "princess" is desparate for a dog! i dont really "really" want one, but oh how mean.... i would rather a cat, mine died 4 years ago, but she only wants a poodle....... oh the dilema...what to do??

Two Tuesdays said...

That is pants. What is with this pet hostility? Now I know it sounds totally lame, but we're in a similar predicament so we got a worm farm. At first I was skeptical; but I'm won over! It is seriously ace. They are fun and wriggly, you can pick them up (if you want to), they eat your scraps, poo out fertiliser for your garden. don't smell bad, are contained, don't mind if you go away for a week or so and, most importantly - I don't think anyone would ever think of worms being a pet! Id definitely vote for a worm farm!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

Crumbs. that's not fair. Rent with pets can be hard. We have always had to choose the more crappy house where pets are are ok. Do they still have sea monkeys?

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

How about a guinea pig? They are so cute, smaller than cats and can be caged at night etc.

Abi wants a guinea pig, she has already named her "milkshake" which is pretty rad I admit.

I want a dog. So does my husband. He wants a beagle. I want a pug... Until we can agree, no pets in our house...

Little Bird, Big Chip said...

how about if you offered to pay a little extra bond, or cat bond. Then if the cat went crazy and like leased the house out to hobo's and left all the taps running or something, you would be covered. It worked for us. Or you could just not tell them and get a kitty anyways. But that does make inspections tricky, who's gonna hide the cat this time?..

Rowantree Design said...

I would just get a cat. I had a cat once in a no pet zone renatl,no one ever knew. Who would know at your place. "Hey that's not our cat! It must belong to someone else"
There is a really adorab;e and cuddly grey kitten at summer Hill Village Vet that is free to a good home..,,,,,,