Monday, 30 May 2011

Power To Tha' Inspiration Boards

I have a little inspiration board that I update infrequently. I put cute cards, photos, concert tickets. Whatevs I like, I put up there. Some of my favourite postcards have come from this lady and this lady. Some photos of Matt and I in the early days. Oh and just for good measure there's a photo of me at my 22nd birthday party. Which is now - - - - - eeep - - - - ten years old.

Whatevs. What's inspiring you?


Angela said...

I am in the mist of doing "something" to my office so i want to be in there, i love the inspirations boards they are very inspiring xxx

wendy hill said...

Im being inspired by people knitting their first projects and finishing them like Kel over at Polkadotlane. Okay anyone finishing anything is good

Georgie said...

Lots today. Seems to be one of those days where everything is lovely. Bangles, the daylight, the chilly air and lots of bits around the house. gxo