Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm In Training

It's true. I am. Imagine me in a life of tracksuit pants, sweatbands and dancing like a maniac. Maniac. She's training like she's never trained before.

Except I'm not training, training. I'm training myself to pack my lunch every single day I go to work. For a number of reasons.

1. I work in the boondocks. I have to drive to get lunch. And even when I do buy lunch, it's quelle ordinaire.

2. Saving money. Who wants to spend $15 a day on an ordinary lunch? Not me. I'd rather keep those pennies in my purse and spend it on something good. Like paying the electricity bill.

3. Upping the ante. I want more veg in my belly. I've gone through this stage of being stupidly busy, putting myself last, and now it's time to stop! Collaborate and eat veg!

This is lunch today. I ate it then realised I forgot my tuna. Oops. But the salad was goooood. What are you loving for lunch lately? (say that 10 times fast).


Norbyah said...

you can do it! i'm lucky that i live on campus (for this part anyhow). the salad looks deLISH!

jess - shelf / life said...

i'm in the same situation - but it's so hard to be imaginative with pre-prepared lunches unless it's leftovers... if you have any brilliant easy and tasty recipes i'm all ears! your salad looks great though... and super healthy :)

Georgie said...

That salad does look good and is something I eat quite often with tuna too. I'm trying to get my husband to take his lunch to work more often, or at all, but he has a memory like a goldfish and leaves it in the fridge. I end up eating it 9 times out of 10! gxo

small catalogue said...

Dude, I'm so with you. Even though I stay at home all day and don't really do much I despise making lunch. A trip for sushi always seems like so much more fun. But so expensive. I've been packing my lunch the night before and it totes works. Huzzah for pre-prepared lunches.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I make five lunchboxes a day. One each for the kids and one each for me & lovely husband.

He and I have salad boxes - todays was cold corned beef chopped into chunks - heaps nicer than it sounds!

Hazel said...

It's definitely soup weather down here in Tassie!

Anna Lloyd said...

Oh that salad looks yummy, recipe please!