Monday, 20 June 2011

Mondays Are...

Sometimes running around doing odd jobs and paying bills and running chores.

Today is tidying the house for the week ahead, because by the time I get home from work on all the other nights, I am too plum shickered to even lift a broomstick. This afternoon I make meatballs and some biscuits to throw into the pantry.

And before you think, but PottyMouth, life from the outside looks glamorous. Or maybe you don't. But these shots here are testament to the fact that life ain't one inch of glamorous. Unless you count the one inch of lipstick I have left that Tiny hasn't smeared all over her face and hands.


Tossing clean clothes onto my bed to be folded.


Vacuuming up the dust bunnies. Dust. Dust. Where does all the dust come from? Please - no one reply with - dead skin cells. EEP!

I hate the work/homelife juggle. I know you know where I'd rather be.


Angela said...

oh Lexi i am soooo in touch with that, i ran around in circles today trying to catch up yay, i must say though after washing all the bed clothes my pile of washing is still sitting on the bed x oh and ho hum.... its left overs tonight xx have a great week x

Angela said...

oh and ps coles online was down for maintenance today so no food either ha ha xxx