Saturday, 11 June 2011

Oh Hello Darling

Camellias are in season. I love a pretty camellia. So many hues of pink. My Mum picked these for me.

I'm having my hair cut today.
It's bitterly cold.
I'd like to be in bed.
I want to bake a cake but am too cold to move from near the heater.

But the camellias are in season, and they're one of nature's prettiest creations.


wendy hill said...

Hello Lovely.
I think I have some of these growing but I hadnt checked them as they are in an odd spot of the garden to the side.
Also I happen to have the matching plate to that jug...

jody said...

Oh Lexi, those camellias are lovely.. they remind me so much of my grandmother, she had a garden full of them. Thank you for reminding me of how beautiful they are. x

small catalogue said...

I do love a pink camelia. What smashing hair do are you rocking now? Did you ever get the pixie? I keep seeing them everywhere and bemoan that I was cursed with the wrong face shape. Such a great cut!

REread said...

it's so cold at the moment ...