Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pink. It Does Not Stink.

Despite what you might think, pink does not stink.

Sure Tiny takes it to the extreme and layers pink with pink with pink. And accessorises with more pink. Tiny and Barbara Cartland? They could be tight.

Tiny loves her pink plate (with that too-sweet apple that she so rudely rejected tonight). She loves Shirley Hughes' 'Dogger', and that's my Swatch. It makes dull days bearable.

I like pink. Yes. Yes I do.


The Beetle Shack said...


i have just found you and your potty mouth. i'd love to hang around!

xo em

Mama Mogantosh said...

I am living with Pinky Winky. It makes me laugh. My only problem is the meltdown when every layer is NOT pink. How to manage?

Anonymous said...

Cue Ossie Ostrich singing...
"Pink is such a lovely colour
I bet you six million dollars
It's easier than you think being pink"

God, how do I even remember that song? We had Daryl and Ossie on vinyl. Vinyl. Yes, Vinyl.


Norbyah said...

a bonus- the pink plate is also in the shape of a love heart. my little girl would LOVE that.

ingrid said...

I am with Tiny - pink is fabulous!
Dogger is a favourite in our house too.

small catalogue said...

Pink is, apparently, an all encompassing delight.

ally said...

We did pink
For 8 years
And now - - no-one will touch the pink plates, the cups, the tutus
So embrace it - - and know its not forever :-)

Trash said...

Dogger is perhaps the BEST book ever.