Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sharing:: 5 Blogging Tips

I'm no pro. And unless you're Heather Armstrong, you're not a pro either. But since I began blogging over three years ago, and since I (occasionally) get asked for tips on blogging, I am happy to share. But folks - remember, I'm not swallowing swords, I'm not Charlie Teo operating on brains, I'm not dancing on a stage. I'm blogging. And it's not rocket science.

So here are my 5 tips to help your blog along:

1. Make your blog a reflection of you. Put your blinkers on baby, and don't try to be something you're not. And don't get blind-sided by what anyone else is doing. This is your space. It's not the Olympics.

2. Visit. Pay your neighbours a visit, and share a cup of sugar with them. Share the love. Water their bloggy garden. Get on Twitter. Talk. Connect with other people. Don't get obsessed with your blog. Spread the seeds. Watch 'em grow. If you visit other people's bloggy gardens, they might pop over and visit yours.

3. Don't make it your whole life. Big mistake. If you become fixated on watching those numbers, those visitors or those comments, you're going to be mighty disappointed. While blogging takes work, it shouldn't become your whole life. Because if it does, you're not going to have anything to blog about. But learn how to edit. Heavily.

4. Don't think you're going to give up your day job. Life must go on, and unless you're a ridiculously talented, uber blogger and you strike it lucky, then you're probably going to make about $11 and a few washing powder samples in the first two years. If that's your aim. But don't make it your aim. I blog because I love writing. Because I love connecting. Because I love sharing. Blogging has helped me make some remarkable friends. And I get to write about things I love. Because I am my own editor. But you've got more chance making a bombfunk by winning Tatts Lotto. Blogging is for certs, not about making mula.

5. Give credit where credit is due. If you see something on someone's blog - and you want to blog about it. Blog about it. But give credit. It's not cool ripping copy, ideas or concepts from someone else. Tap your own ideas and shout out when you've been inspired by someone else.

And just remember my mantra: I'm not an expert. I'm not an expert. I'm not an expert.


CurlyPops said...

Right on Lexi!
In three and half years, I've made zilch because that's not the reason I do it.... but I did win some free washing powder via another blog.

Jaclyn said...

pro or no pro, loving your tips...I'm actually out of washing powder at the moment so that would have come in handy!

jody said...

love the tips. thanks!

Diminishing Lucy said...

You rock. You may not be an expert, but you're a pro.


Thea said...

Spot orn!!!
Even if you aren't an expert (says who? I think you are) you know what you're talking about!

Great advice.

Angela said...

thank you Lexi, i will take these tips on board, i am loving it but am slightly obsessed xx

trudi@maudeandme said...

Hey I just won some washing powder! I was over the moon!

JoeyNomad said...

I'm totally just in it for the washing powder ;) xx

BuBbles said...

Handy tips, thx!

lisa :: the red thread said...

I'm so with you on ALL of that!
Love your new header too. Awesome.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

I love your new header Ms Lexi- it looks so professional.

I agree the only way to make money from your blog is to put ads on it and that can look a little bit not nice.

However, if you blog and spread your seeds, you do get sent lots of nice things to giveaway to your lovely readers- like washing powder, chocolate and craft books.

nice overview. And can I add- have nice pictures, if you can't take them your self find them on google images- just make sure you credit them.

Norbyah said...

great tips! i love your blog...

Leah said...

Love your tips Ms Lexi. You are an inspiration in keeping it real. Especially the tips re: taking others content or ideas... I totally get you on this... people need to be original. xoxox

Lille said...

hi Lexi,
i'm on my training wheels & I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what makes a good blog
-thanks for the user friendly info!