Sunday, 5 June 2011

Top Tip:: Storing Your Little Artworks

My children are prolific artists. We have a wall dedicated to their artwork, which is now spreading to other walls. I rarely ever toss anything out. If I do, I have an acute guilt attack.

Tiny loves to go to bed with a notebook and pen(cil) and draw until she falls asleep. I am not so mad on that. I am not big on the drawing on the bed linen.

Tiny also loves drawing so much, that she's now working with mixed media. This involves textas, biro, yoghurt and our couch. Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin - watch out.

The Doctor came home with this cute collage recently, which has gone straight to the 'gallery' wall. But I'm also about rotating artwork - and I've got a tip for you if you're the same.

I visited the Post Office and bought a few of the postage cylinders, got my kids artwork together and rolled them up. Then I labelled them with their names and the date (I do say Jan-June 2011) and file them away.

Or you could photograph or scan each of the artworks, then you have a digital file of them, and either print them out, and make an album - or have them made into a book of artworks.

But if you are not as nutty as me, you can always embrace recycling.


Kt said...

It's nice to hear you keep them. Some of the parents of children in my class throw their things away the day they come home. Sad. I might buy them all some cylinders ;)

Angela said...

omg i have so many Lexi, Imogen draws 24 hrs a day x and is quite the little artist i am going to put some up on my blog, but yeah boxes and boxes of them are around the house, and i love every one of them xxx

Mon Alisa Design said...

My house is covered in the girls artworks. I have most of them pegged on the telephone line that runs under our kitchen cupboards.I also cut out petals from their paintings to add to our fruit sticker garden. I feel I need to keep them because my mumma kept most of my work as a child and it is one of my greatest treasures.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

the wall was about to fall down from the weight of the art. Busy brings home at least 5 a day from preschool plus the many many more at home. I have down the same thing with the postpacs.

BOB & MABEL said...

My 3 children are prolific artists too. We have a wall dedidcated to their work. 2 strings with all manner of art pegged to it. I am lucky enough to have a set of map drawers that now houses their work. I do throw away alot though, otherwise our house would be totally crammed to the rafters with drawings, paintings, installations and sculptures.