Friday, 24 June 2011

Where's Tiny?

Can you spot Tiny amidst the jumble of soft toys, sunglasses and crowns that litter her bed?

Every night, as did the Doctor, she takes a whole bunch of her favourite things. No matter how big or small.

When I went to kiss her good night, at first I struggled to locate her. Ahh, sweet little cuddly Tiny. How I love thee!


The Beetle Shack said...

That is way too cute. such perfection when they are sleeping... and then they wake- AT 5 AM. not cute. (mine, not yours)

xo em

small catalogue said...

SO sweet!

Tania said...

Round these parts, it's often a case of There Were Seventeen in the Bed and the Little One Said...(with the small kid spending the night on the floor).

Sascha said...

What a great picture. Too cute

ROXY MARJ said...

YO LEXIIIII!!! :-[) You are the winner of my tote bag! :-[) Two questions:

1. What is your address?
2. Do you want a liner put in it?

:-[) xo