Friday, 29 July 2011

Really Pretty

I'm into finding new music at the moment. When I was on the plane the other day, music was my salvation, I start to go a bit batty, and it very much effects my mood. I gots to find me some new tunes.

What are you listening to right this very minute?


Jessi said...

I've been listening to Emma Louise on you tube! She is trés fab!

Angela said...

Lexi, I love music more than anything, this song is gorgeous x the amount of money I spend on itunes cards is ridiculous, it relaxes me amazingly. I have put an Ipod on my blog but unfortunately i have forgotton the pin and cant get into it ha ha.... oh well off to try again
have a great weekend xx

Miss E said...

I'm stuck on a band called Tennis. Makes me think of summer, margaritas, the beach and barbeques. Try them, love them!

*Anna* said...

Brooke Fraser - dreamy, earthy, beautiful!