Friday, 22 July 2011

A Weird (& Wet) Week

I've had one of those uber weeks when everything's larger than life, and more than you can bear. But it's over! It's Friday night! Halleluljah! I made it to the weekend in tact! I still have bruises on my knees, but who cares, because it's Winter and it's raining, and it's raining cats, dogs, squirrels and frogs, and if I'm not wearing jeans, I'm definitely wearing tights and boots.

Tiny had to come into my work today. Just for a wee while. She loved it. She drew on the whiteboard. She played with Cara's hair and stroked Cara's face. Cara, are you ok with that?

She hid in a little castle that some of the girls constructed for her. She coloured in.

And when we left, she exclaimed about a rather large rock in the carpark and told me it was "where the dinosauruses live" and then said she wanted to come back to Mama's work.

If only all work days were like this.


therhythmmethod said...

I think this week has been universally crap. You're in good company. ;)

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Goddammit she is pretty! xx
Ps Has the Habit thing started yet?