Sunday, 17 July 2011

We're (Re)Living The Dream

Last night was so good for the soul!

So good.

Matt and I guffawed our way through the movie. Oh man. It's so funny. And silly. And there's Jon Hamm. And there's the hot Chris O'Dowd from The I.T. Crowd. And by the way - did I mention it's funny.

We've been reliving it today, recounting scenes to one another. Steamy undercarriages and all.

I love date night. I wish we had date night more often and consistently than we do. It was exactly what I needed to just hang out.

Rose Byrne was hilaire. I loved Rebel Wilson.

And after the movie, we went for a tres romantique dinner at McDonalds. Classy. Yep. We go to all the great places around town.


toni said...

hold on for one more day...

and the hair blowing while having sex.

I love a good sight gag.

Emma said...

I loved this cute, funny movie!

Miss E said...

I thought I was going to faint from laughter in the food poisoning scene. Melissa McCarthy over the sink is not something I will soon forget!

Penny Ryan said...

I once sure a quote for a film saying "I laughed so hard a little bit of wee came out" ... I think it could easily fit this film. Especially if you've had a few kids and a few wines pre-screening! HILARI-LEGS

Sarah said...

okay a girly bunch of us are going this week. Will let them know tomorrow!

Ha I am good at that. Thanks PM!

Katie said...

I know.. I loved it too! Tom and I laughed so much..
Kristen Wiig is awesome!

Yarn Wrap said...

Hi i will make you laugh,
I think you mean Rebel Wilson
Rebel Penfold Russell is the film director who has penthouse in Bondi and heiress to the Penfold family.

Had to laugh. Still a lovely review Margaret.


Nell said...

LOVE this film. My sister and I cracked up during the whole thing. Who knew women throwing up on eachother's heads was so freakin funny. And that whole bit on the plane? Genius.

Plus sometimes you just need a Maccy D's.

Sounds like an awesome date night x

Tali said...

Love date nights! Saw this movie with my Nest girls 2 weeks ago and we haven't stopped quoting and laughing since. A little ray of brilliance.

Jaclyn said...

great to finally say 'hola' tonight - feel better and hope tomorrow goes well. x

shine little light* said...

tehehe! Hilarity! Im so glad you ahd a good date night! *s*