Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Eye Am In Auckland

Eye am!

And this is my eye in Auckland!

It is disgusting. When I checked in, I am sure the guy looked at me part horrified, part disgusted. I hope tomorrow I wake up with out the junkie-eye.

As for Auckland - wow. This is a pretty city, and it reminds me of Melbourne. The houses - aye carumba. The houses. So beautiful.

And guess what?! Bananas are $1.49 per kilo. This is big news folks. I may have to eat my body weight in bananas.

Do you have any tips for my brief Auckland sojourn? Do tell!


small catalogue said...

Ouch. Dude. Hope you've got some chlorsig in your bag of over the Tasman tricks.

Carla said...

With kids (not sure if you have them with you!): visit the new Wynyard Quarter down by the harbour (lots of boats and new stuff). Without kids: Coco Cantina in K Rd for fab oily salty delicious irreverent food and great cocktails, opening of brand new Auckland Art Gallery on Saturday, ferry to Waiheke.. enjoy yourself!

Knit Witch said...

you get around! my tip - eat bananas! x