Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Handmade Revolution

Holy cow! I never knew there was such goodness about 20 minutes from home.

On Saturday the smalls and I headed to the Powerhouse Discovery Centre for their Handmade Revolution open day.

We had such a lovely time. I wish both my smalls were less grumpy - particularly the bigger small, but not to worry, I can't wait to head back.

We made paper lace, participated in the outdoor weave in (I loved this), watched as ladies made lace (something I would love to learn), and had a go of 3 metre knitting needles. And I even got to chat with Shane Waltener, the artist behind the weave in. That was pretty thrilling.

This place is the business!

The Powerhouse Discovery Centre also hosts a number of activities during the school holidays. Amongst them, Lego workshops. I'm sure you can guess who's being booked in. Unfortunately - not me. But I know the Doctor will dig it!

+++ Check out the Mexican-stylie wheelie bin: it serves as their solar powered PA system. How cool is that?!

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veri maz said...

we were also pleasantly surprised it was 20min away from us too. we didnt get there until towards the end - the giant knitting was getting pretty big by then too