Friday, 26 August 2011

I Love Lace

Can you spot the smalls in this picture?

Dress by Toni Maticevski - phwoar!

On Sunday we went to the Powerhouse Museum to check out the Love Lace exhibition.

Swooning people. Swooning. This is such a beautiful, decadent exhibition. A collection of 130 lace works by 134 artists from 20 countries.

If I could have meandered a little longer, I would have. But the smalls called forth, so we played in the kids sections. Talked with the robot. Interacted with lots of exhibits.

I totes recommend this show - with or without smalls, Love Lace is a beautiful exhibition.

We haven't been to the Powerhouse for yonks, so it was a pleasant treat to check it out, all together.

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fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

I love the Powerhouse. Oli hasn't been there for almost 3 years and he still talks about that place and longs to go back there. The Lace exhibition looks amazing. x