Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hell-o:: Date Night

It's been a long time between date nights, and thankfully my FIL stepped in and babysat for us so we could spend some very much needed, very overdue time together.

Matt and I headed to the Northern Beaches, following the re(a)d hot tip off by Briar of Sunday Collector that Mexicano was the shiz.

We'd tried to go there a week ago, turned up at 5:50pm - and were DENIED! Fully booked. So there's a red hot tip for you friends, you must book a table or you will drive all the way unhappy, unfed, and unMexicano'd and a big fat fail whale will greet you at the door.

We had such a blast, and I had one too many mojitos. Ouch. You know when it's fun at the time, then you go - oh dear, I had to take it that one step further. Yep. That's me. And in the morning - aye carumba. I even succumbed to my age-old hangover cure that I've not used in almost eight years, Coke with a bazillion slices of lemon. It was that bad.

But ANYHOOOOOOO - the beverages - they were not bad at all. I can't deny it. And the food - fresh, taste-a-licious, I'd do it again in a flash.


Shop 2

209-211 Ocean Street

Make your bookings peeps - 9970 8975


Michelle said...

Ooh coke with lots of lemon slices, I'll have to try that sometime. I'm afraid I'm in that camp of taking things a little too far as well....

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

I can't say no to a mojito. Or 6.

Yay for date nights! xx

Matthew Kentmann said...