Monday, 12 September 2011

PhotoShop VS The Thumbnail

I saw this image as a thumbnail and thought - what tomfoolery was SMH up to? Surely they had photoshopped Miranda, Orlando and Flynn to be fully garbed in support of the Wallabies.

Closer inspection reveals that the Kerr-Blooms are legitimately big Wallabies fans.

I guess if they're into it, I'm into it too. What's good enough for the Kerr-Blooms is good enough for me. And quite frankly, if I can work Kerr-Bloom into a lot of conversations this week, I'll be happy.

image via the SMH


Posie Patchwork said...

Yep, i'm not into rugby but if you're going to follow a code or a team, it may as well be a wattle yellow one - a colour the Kerr-Blooms rock with ease & style. They can do no wrong, let's hope our Wallabies are winners too. Personally i'd go for Argentina, most of the players look like Ralph Lauren Polo models & that icey blue is a much easier colour ot wear. I've noticed, love Posie

Vic said...

Marvin the Martian: "Where's the Kerr-Bloom? There is supposed to be an earth-shattering Kerr-Bloom!"

toni said...

I am little worried over the height of Orlando's hair....or is that Ozza's hair. He is Australian now.

Love a Duck! ( Partito y Monito) said...

Agree with toni re: the hair. I still hanker for the days he was rocking the long blonde Legolas wig. Oh well, not long to wait till The Hobbit comes out, I suppose.

Michelle said...

Every time I read Kerr-Bloom I felt like saying Bless You.

As we say in our house - Go the Wobblies (although hopefully they will be less wobbly than recent times)

Lillie said...

ahah i saw that story too. gotta love the smh. although abc news online always has intriguing stories about intergalactic space (do you know there's a planet where it rains diamonds?! imagine!)