Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Sickness. And The Sickness. Oh and THE SICKNESS.

Remember when the Doctor got tonsillitis not that long ago. Since that time, he's had it twice. Which means two more rounds of antibiotics and a referral to an ENT to decide whether we need to have them snipped out.

The thrills don't get much bigger than this.

My little guy is completely fragile, sick of being sick, worn down, over it. Me too.

When the GP mentioned the possibility of having his tonsils out and his adenoids scraped, my little man cried. The saddest cry of all. As a mother, it was the most helpless feeling, not feeling like I could do anything to help him feel better.

I walked out of the GP grateful that she could make him feel better, but determined to find an alternative to general anaesthetic and medical procedures.

I don't expect anyone to understand this, but I'm not big on hospitals, medical intervention - unless absolutely necessary. If we can avoid it, we will, while always thinking - if it's absolutely necessary, then of course, we will do it. And when I say: I don't expect anyone to understand it, I mean - everyone's different, everyone's parenting is different; my gut is to look at alternatives before resigning ourselves to the surgery line.

I've done some research, asked friends, thrown it to the Twitterverse, and received some amazing feedback. We've got a couple of appointments lined up to visit a paed osteopath and some others in the pipeline, all before our November ENT appointment that will hopefully say - 'hey, gee whizz, this little tacker is a-ok!'

image of the Doctor climbing at Sydney Olympic Park. It's that cool.


dear olive said...

Hey Lexi, my Dad's a naturopath and before he became one, I suffered from bout after bout of tonsilitis too. His take on the whole thing would be that the antibiotics are only treating the symptom but the reason that it keeps coming back is highlighting a deficiency in the body. Taking immune supports like zinc, c, cod liver oil might be really helpful. Everyone's onto probiotics as your first port of call in getting your immune system fighting fit. Especially after rounds of antibiotics. Good luck, hope you can sort something out. Tonsilitis is really painful, it made me sad to read what you guys are going through. Kellie xx

Sarah said...

Lexi - you are on the right path and so is Kellie. Just now need to find the right people who KNOW what they are on about. TALK and ask and you will start hearing the same persons name and visit them If you were in HObart I would give you the names of ours...

Ashley said...

Try eliminating wheat and dairy... and sugar. These are all mucus forming and tend to keep infections in longer especially in the throat, sinuses and ears. I manage a health food store and we often see these chronic issues clear up with little ones when these foods are eliminated.

Hope it all clears up :)