Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 24 of Frocktober: Tequila Sunrise

Only 7 days left of Frocktober and I have some crackers ready for the week ahead.

This little baby is an unworn frock I salvaged from a market. Never been worn. Clearly never been washed because it ran like Rob de Castella. Check out the collar on this. WHOA!

Today I was tidying up Tiny's bedroom, which is no mean feat. Man that girl loves to create havoc. And in my time travels, I discovered the Doctor's wallet that he has been searching high and low for. I walked out to the living room and announced my discovery. He was excited, and then sad that all his money had been embezzled by his little sister. He got so teary. Poor little sausage. He marched out and asked Tiny Skase if she had stolen his money. She nodded her head. What a minx! Then realised that she shouldn't have admitted to this fraudulent behaviour and shook her head wildly. Cheeky little sausage.