Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rachel Zoe? In my closet?

Did you ever wish you had a personal stylist to help you decide what looks best? Rachel Zoe to just walk out of your wardrobe and end your wardrobe woes?

Did you know Westfield host Personal Style Sessions? An in-depth 1:1 session with a professional Westfield stylist. Sessions start at 1 hour - you can find more info here. They can show you what suits your shape, and flaunt what you've got, while disguising those parts you don't dig so much.

I've often made the mistake of shopping solo, taking something home, only to realise in hindsight that it doesn't suit me, or Matt's kindly (and I genuinely mean kindly) informed me that some other style looks best.

I've also dreamt of having a make-over. That sounds ker-azy, but I'd love to see how someone else would make-me-over. Put myself at their mercy and see what they come up with. I become stuck and safe with things sometimes, whereas someone neutral can mix things up a bit and give you an overhaul. Et voila! A new you.

Since having children, I know my body has changed slightly, and sometimes I fumble and have a fashion mishap. I'd REALLY really like someone to go jeans shopping with me. Last time I went, I found myself in General Pants having a mid-life crisis, with the pumping music and the shop assistant imploring me to try on some spray-on jeans that had me unable to even walk out of the change room. I'm having flashbacks! If I had a stylist/bodyguard, they could back me up and say, under no circumstances am I to wear spray-on jeans or I will have to lie on my bed all day not moving.

Also - check out their Body Shape Calculator - Apple, Triangle, Hourglass? It can help you identify how to dress best for your shape. *fist pump*

In the interests of discretion, I received a Westfield Gift Voucher to trial online shopping.

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M Violetta said...

post children body changes.... oh i hear ya! thanks for the body shape calculator - I accepted the pear in me many years ago but it sure is nice to get a few tips on how to dress her!