Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide: Kids!

I love compiling gift guides. Use them as you will, over the coming weeks I'm going to be putting together some more ideas to share with one and all and to trouble shoot tricky Christmas gifts for you, me and everyone else. So today, the smalls. They can be tricky. I often think the simpler the gift, the better. Get those imaginations a-cranking.

Acrylic prisms with coloured optical filters - Third Drawer Down - $27
For the coolest, funniest t-shirts that are Australian-made - check out Well Spotted $35

A beautiful book of craft activities by Todd Oldham - Ecobabe $34.95

Hand made doll with proceeds to benefit Royal Children's Hospital - Big by Fiona Scanlan $39.95

MMMG Drawing Book - Ver. 05 - Flying - Notemaker $19.95

A beautiful butterfly kite - Leading Edge Kites $35

LEGO. LEGO. LEGO. You just can't go wrong. Alien Conquest is hot in our house LEGO $7.99

Too cute toy kitchen made from sturdy cardboard - Lark $39.95
Super cool limited edition burger melamine plate - Dawn Tan (genius) $25

Be the coolest cat at kindy with the Minti Sneaky Eyes backpack - Little Pinwheel $49.95

Ten cool ideas for those kidlets in your life!


Anonymous said...

love the gift guide!
Best day ever t-shirt is fabulous.

m.e (Cathie) said...

cool, cool, and super cool! love your guide ♥