Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Can't Wait.

I can't wait to see this film. I read the book when I was an SAHM and I really hated it. Like, really, really hated it. But still read it. But now I am a work-away-from-home-mum, I can see what that book was banging on about.

And I really, really love SJP. Have you ever heard her interviewed? Most polite, lovely, charming, witty, intelligent, stylish woman. I LOVE SJP.

Can not wait to see this film.


Maggie May said...

I can't wait either, I hope it's On Demand now!

Katie said...

I saw the trailer a few months ago and was so excited to see it too.. (now I just have to find the time to go see a movie.. Hmm..)
Make sure you let us know what you thought after you see it.

Michelle said...

Ooh that looks great! Thanks for the heads up!

Aneets said...

Oh I hated the book when I was a working mum. She had a cleaner, nanny & helpful husband? She made things hard for herself most of the time.

However, I will be seeing the movie as I am a sucker for SJP too.

Mon Alisa Design said...

Ooooh looks great! I may have to organize a little day trip with a friend to go see it. x

jodi said...

this will have mothers the world over nodding, sighing and crying in agreement. x