Thursday, 17 November 2011

Zis Is Ze Zinc

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So. This is (not) me on the beach. I've got one Elle of a body. Right? Yes. Image via here

Way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, in my former life, I worked in beauty PR. I learnt so much about how our skin ages, about the three main factors of ageing:

- genetics
- hydration
- sun – lack of protection

You can’t do anything about a bad pair of genes, but you can do something about smoking (yuck, don’t do it) and sun – cover up buttercup.

My skin is naturally fair, so I’m not mad keen to be out in the full sun. I always wear a hat, I try to be in the shade, and I don’t go out in the middle of the day if I can help it.
I’ve always had good intentions of being one of those women who religiously use an SPF under my make-up everyday.. And yet? I never do. Why? Because I feel like a grease monkey or the sunscreen makes my face go white and I look like Pierrot.

This week I’ve been road testing two Invisible Zinc products and I’m going to be using them throughout Summer.

When I was asked to try a zinc product, well… I shuddered. I imagined life covered in a greasy film, with yellow and green zinc smeared across my face.

Thankfully, this is not the case. Because how the heck would I explain that to my workmates? I’m a massive Shane Warne fan?

In fact, no one even knew I was doing anything differently.

Invisible Zinc ESP Moisturiser with SPF 30+ UVA - UVB is pretty darn good. I used it under my normal foundation, and it worked well as a base, while offering anti-ageing benefits. I have sensitive skin too, and this was amazeballs. It felt light, it went on smoothly, and all day my make-up stayed in place. No one suspected a thing.

I also tried out the Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF 30+. I’ve got to say, I’m a girl obsessed. I love a two-in-one product, particularly as I am rushing about in the morning getting the smalls ready, and trying to get myself ready for school work. This is a really fab product that acts as a foundation and evens out your complexion. Plus it’s cream to powder, so it has a really beautiful texture that lasts the whole day.

I mentioned to the gals at work I was trying it, and they were impressed. It doesn’t look like your usual tinted sunscreen. This is LUXE!

What also sells me on this product? It contains no chemical sunfilters. No parabens (big tick). And it smells nice (this is a prerequisite for me, call me old-fashioned).

You want to try too? You can! Enter my super fantastic giveaway and you can try Invisible Zinc for yourself. Yes! Fo’ shizzle! This is what you can win:

1x Environmental Skin Protector SPF 30+
1x UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF 30+
1x Tinted Daywear SPF 30+
1x Junior Clip-On SPF 30+
1x Foundation

How to enter? Answer this simple question in 25 words or less:

How will Invisible Zinc benefit your Summer?

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Anoosh said...

As one with very sensitive skin I can't use 'regular' sunscreens, but have successfully used Invisible Zinc before. I would love to trial the rest of the product range - yes please!

Super Sarah said...

I am tired of looking like a parental idiot while my kids wear hats and rashies, I wear sunburn and blisters! Help me help myself!

Josephine said...

The term 'beyond the pale' actually refers to the area where my skin ends and the rest of the world begins.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

I never leave the house without SPF on my face. I'd love to try something new for my sensitive skin too. x

Copper Patch said...

I've hit the age where my youthful sun silliness is catching up and showing. I'd love to try Invisible Zinc to prevent more wrinkles!

jess - shelf / life said...

Now 31 I've decided to start acting my age and have been on the hunt for a very responsible, adult-like 30+ tinted moisturiser since my birthday this year. Haven't found 'the one' yet but would love to end my search with Invisible Zinc!

katiecrackernuts said...

Oh thank God. My hand hovered over the foundation a couple of weeks back. I need to change foundation and/or moisturiser every six to nine months. I am in a greaseball phase and wearing sunscreen on my face sends me into tiny, hard blisters-like things. I've been waiting to read a review.
In fact, was it you who put me onto QV? It's been brilliant as a facewash but the moisturiser hasn't been as good as the vitamin E cream I use from Natio. I know. At least it's all cheap, right? Nothing fancy for me. I break out big time.
If you really give it the thumbs up I'll give it a burl. If you have any reservations msg me or I'll be able to send you an invite to the freak show I've run away to join - scar face, they'll call me.

mama bear said...

Dude! I'm entering this one. Why? Because I LOVE this stuff, I used it all last summer. Yet my budget has not stretched far enough to get mahself one this year. Is that more than 25 words? Sorry! xxx

Sarah said...


Well my son and I can only use zinc based products to avoid the burn. NOTHING else works. We have to use zinc. An invisible one would mean he will actually wear it - "like in public mum" and that means I will stress less about my red head burning...

Where can you get this product?

spectacularfairywren said...

cause i am spotty and dotty and don't wanna end up deaddybones

Cass said...

Lucky for me my kids are very sun screen aware especially Lucy who is always reminding me she has fair skin like me, so invisible zinc would go down a treat in this house

Jaclyn said...

IZ will allow me to emerge from my embarrassing sun tent and once again enjoy the Australian summer like a normal person. My American skin isn't used to this strong aussie rays, perhaps a lovely layer of zinc is all i've been missing?

lucyboots australia said...

youthful good looks fading. please send help!

Anonymous said...

Already one BCC down so super paranoid but hate being a greaseball. Sounds too good to be true!

jodi said...

for this English rose, sunscreen for sensitive skin is a must. In my beachside suburb where tanning is the rage, I'm going to go all white this summer. And I need IZ to make it happen.

PS. If I win, I'll blog about it ;)

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

I struggle with a lot of sunscreens due to wearing glasses (it often ends up in my eyes) but many have recommended zinc, i'm a bit broke as I run my own not for profit, so I'd love to win some!

eileen said...

I would like to try out this product for this summer. Although I am Asian, my skin burns easily under this strong Aussie sun.

RW said...

I use this. Dermalogica. Lightly tinted. I don't find it greasy but everyone is different. It evens my skin tone too.

And I use it religiously. It will save me money on laser in the long run. It's an investment. You only get one skin.

RW said...

ps. with inviible zinc, do NOT forget to reapply. I find the SPF rating a little inaccurate. I use it on my decolletage and have been caught out by it.

amanda said...

I need this, especially the silk shield foundation ..... As a mum of five kids I barely have time to brush my hair in the morning, let alone apply concealer! A concealer and sunblock in one .....HEAVEN

Mama Mogantosh said...

Oh, this fab giveaway is so up my I too late? Here's my entry: I have three kids now, but still only two I need to be time-efficient with every aspect of my life.

Including hotness.

Dianne said...

Okay, I am really behind in my reading this week so have only just caught up - I have been wondering about invisible zinc for a while, so it was really interesting to read all the comments. I have been using Clinique city block (also zinc/titanium dioxide based) for about 17+ years now & find it pretty much lasts all day - I have even been known to put it on the kids too some school days . But lately I have found it a bit too greasy on my skin. But the downside of invisible zinc is that you have to reapply it through the day - which is kinda impossible if you A) wear make up over it, and B) have a life ( ie. kids/job ) & barely enough time to look in the mirror once in the morning let alone several times a day!