Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas: Teachers

A few peeps asked for ideas for teachers, so I put together a list of ideas with a bit of a budget in mind - because that's the way it is in my house. Hope you find some inspiration ladies to say thank you to some of the most influential people in your children's lives. Teachers.
Give the teacher an apple. Probably the coolest post-it notes ever - Collection of Cool $6.50

One of my ideas this year was a potted geranium in these Gigi pots for our beautiful Kindergarten teacher - Freedom $19.95

When all breaks out in the classroom, remind your teacher to Keep Calm and Carry On - Lark $15.95 (for 4)
I don't think you can beat Lavender Hand cream - L'Occitane $9.95
Fog Linen Work 100% linen pouch - Mr Kitly $19.95

 A beautiful Angel candle - Queen B $19.95
Cute and quirky little nest sparrow - Papier d'Amour $15
Gift your teacher a bright oversized tea cup and they'll be the coolest in the staff room - T2 $28
I'm borrowing this idea from Heather. Cool limited edition tea towel - Salvation Jane $19
If you liked it then you shoulda put a pom pom on it. Man, do I like this cush? YES! - Castle velvet cushion $49

Olivina Honeysuckle Rose Hand & Body Wash 500ml - Saison $22.95 (sale)

What do you think? Straight As? Go to the head of the class? Gold star to PMM? Do tell.

Thanks to Baby Mac for setting me on the straight and narrow.


Miss Muggins said...

Wish I taught your kids!

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

You little beauty. I love this list. xx

Love a Duck! ( Partito y Monito) said...

Great list, Lexi. You're a Shining Christmas Star!

BabyMac said...

Snap! A classy collection no doubts x

Deb said...

stationary. teachers love it. kikki k, smiggle, hell, even officeworks you cant go wrong. I've been dropping hints all year!!!

I so wish I taught your kids though!

eriven said...

As the recipient of L'Occitane soaps and creams last year I wholeheartedly agree. Perfect for work presents too :)

EmmaK said...

ooh lovely ideas! You go to the top of the class and become teacher's pet

Briar {Sunday Collector} said...

Great selection Lexi!!