Friday, 23 December 2011

A Really Great Day:: The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

Today was a cracker.

It was my first day of holidays.

We got up early, the Doctor had a haircut, we caught a ferry to Circular Quay. Then we four split up - the Doctor went with Matt to Art of the Brick, and Tiny and I headed over to Sydney Opera House for everyone's favourite dancing mouse, Angelina Ballerina.


Then Tiny and caught the ferry back, she had a hair cut, and we hung out together waiting for the boys to meet up with us.

I had such a blast hanging with my little-big girl, being on the ferry, chatting, so good for the soul. For both of us.

And the Doctor came back, giddy with excitement, having spent quality time with Matt, and doing something together that he really loves. LEGO.

If you have a LEGO fanatic in the house, this show is highly recommended by the Doctor. I booked tickets a couple of weeks ago, and made sure I booked the Stay & Play at the end. I figured the inspiration from the show might as well get a workout straight away!

Of course Angelina Ballerina didn't disappoint either. What a beautiful and enchanting show. Pity they sold those glowing, flashing wand-sword-things that flash in your peripherals and distract from the dancing. But besides that, really beautiful - Tiny told me it was her "BEST EVER".


teddybearswednesday said...

What a gorgeous sounding day! A girls day out.
Happy Happy Christmas to you beautiful lex oxo

Michelle said...

So so cute!

Hazel said...

what a perfect girly dress! Sounds like a perfect day to me!