Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And Then.

I was planning to write something profound today.

About revelations.


About life's little hopes, glories and joys.

About how this New Year is going to be oh-so-much better than the crummy one we just left behind.

Except I've forgotten everything I drafted in my head.

Instead you're going to have to make do with these snaps taken from our last few days. I am still relishing my time at home, on holidays.

A few days ago, I foolishly got sunburnt.
We made a massive sand castle/fortress at Balmoral on New Year's Day, while everyone else was hungover, we enjoyed those first few hours of 2012.
After a sweltering day, we managed to sneak in a swim. Well Matt, the Doctor and Tiny did. I chickened out and thought the water was too cold. Tiny is convinced she can swim. The Doctor is enjoying swimming. He never wants to get out of the water.

How is your Summer faring?


Katie:: Grow.Cook.Sew. said...

Snap.. we spent new years day last year at Balmoral.. maybe you guys could think about moving to Perth a few months later? That would be cool!

m.e (Cathie) said...

Happy new year & have an awesome Summer break!
it's been ridiculously hot in Melbourne.

Katrina (capturing moments) said...

Hello hello, I'm a newbie reader of yours. Loving your blog. Happy New Year to you and your fam.

Jaclyn said...

it's below freezing here in Boston at the moment but have to say i'm loving every minute. It will be nice to be 'home' again in the Sydney sunshine but will be sad to leave...happy new year!

small catalogue said...

I always forget to actually say the profound things I think. That they are lost, I am sure, makes them all the more profound!

You look smashing in 2012 PMM!