Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Birds Are Busy

A while ago I wrote about my desire to become a morning person. Well it's eluded me. Until this morning when I scraped my body out of bed at the spritely hour of 6:30am. That was half an hour of snooze-buttoning, but I made it!

I went walking, and the sky was alive with the sound of birds chattering and singing. It was a beautiful thing and I wouldn't have been privy to it if I'd have stayed in bed.

I then went on an hour of power, walking around my oval, and was joined by the over-60s club. I said hello to my new friends and walked and walked, and got 12 laps this time. My new PB.

You don't need to fear, this isn't about to become an exercise blog.

Not when I have Tiny waiting at home for me, and she greets me with "Mama, I decorated myself!" You don't say. I did initially only see her face, then she revealed her legs.

Yesterday the Doctor noted that "Tiny is crazy and dramatic". Bingo.


Sarah said...

YOu never know - might be the new in thing...

shine little light* said...

Saw this and thought of you:
ehehe! Well done on the early rise. *s*

Amanda said...

I love it, my eldest did the same thing when he was about 2 with Wiggles stickers but he was naked and they where everywhere, yes even down there