Friday, 27 January 2012

Naked? In Front Of Your Kids? *GASP*

A couple of years ago I heard of a couple who never got naked in front of their kids. This isn't an urban legend. The children had never seen their dad naked, and according to the parents - they weren't ever going to either.

I was a little shocked  because - well nudity is a feature in our house. We're not nude all of the time, but we're not not nude all of the time.

But what I found most shocking was the organisation that this would entail.

I re-enacted it in my head. I would have to take all my clothes to the bathroom when I showered. I would have to close doors. I don't usually close doors. But above all, I wouldn't be able to stand at my wardrobe, in a definite state of undress, deciding what to wear for the day. This startled me. I usually walk around the house in the morning in various states of dress before finally getting my stuff together and getting it on. I thought about how small our house (smaller than a shoebox) and how difficult life would be if they never saw me naked.

I think it's good to be nude in front of my kids!

And this is part of the naked upside down breastfeeder talk. People, generally men, didn't like the idea that she was nude! And she was breastfeeding.

But for me, being nude is good. It's a positive! Being nude shows children real bodies. Bumps, lumps, hips and dips. Everything. I have thought about all those perfect images of women and men being presented perfectly in the media - airbrushed, over-styled, and after sitting in a make-up chair for a couple of hours. 

While my body isn't perfect it is pretty awesome. It's grown babies. It's birthed babies. It's fed babies. It can run up and down stairs. It does so much cool stuff. And my brain drives it. Pretty rad when you think about it.

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Jasmine said...

My god brothers never saw their mum naked and it made them really curious about naked women. They spied on their mum in the shower because of their curiousity.
I didn't see much of them after about 8 years old so I don't know what they were like as teenagers but I can't imagine it was good.
Anyway, the moral is, mums need to let their sons see them naked or they might find small eyes spying on them. And if not them, maybe someone else.

mama bear said...

I really don't know why there's such a stigma about this stuff, good on you for bringing it up and yeah – your body is fabulous! x

ps. We're all for a but if nakey-nakey around ours too. Rosie says: Vagina - girls, Penis - boys. Then she goes through the names of everyone she knows and lists of which genitalia they have.

Posie Patchwork said...

In the great words of my parents "it's your fault if you walk into our room & see us naked" & that is exactly why my husband & i have zero nudity issues with our children (his parents were the same, although, he's had the misfortune to see my parents naked, not his fault, my Mum accidentally stripped in the laundry after gardening & went to do a dash to the bathroom, not fast enough & my father dropped a towel once, on the way from the main bathroom after surgery when he couldn't use stairs & had to sleep on the lounge level of the house, my husband still shudders YET still he married me after these incidents!!)
Straight up, my children know they can catch me on the toilet or in the shower, i couldn't have my dignity if i tried!!
Now i have a 13 year old, i kind of think it helps her that she knows what to expect (she's a late developer).
As for my husband, well he walks around the house naked asking me where i've 'hidden' his underpants?? In his underpants drawer, amazing mysteries at our place!!
Straight up, we never said 'rudey nudey' as it's imply not & my children say penis & vagina, as i've told them "no more exciting than elbow & ankle". Love Posie

Sally said...

There is no such thing as privacy in this house... and "alone" time is a rare thing too. My children just assume that they're welcome in the shower with me so I have to tell them that I'm washing my hair to keep them out (they don't like the suds falling in their eyes!)
I can't imagine why you'd even think about whether or not your children see you nude. I saw my parents nude. I've seen my maternal grandparents nude... I'm not sure if I have or haven't seen my paternal grandparents.

Mon Alisa Design said...

I remember as a child, going to my friend Amy's fathers place and seeing her stepmother naked as a breeze. I was fascinated. She was 8 months pregnant, had saucers for nipples and I remember thinking how beautiful she was. I also remember feeling a little jealous of Amy, running up to her step mothers tummy and giving it a kiss...without a care in the world. I loved how free they all were.
My parents are very conservative and never talked about anything to do with the human body, let alone show it. I had a tumultuous time as a teenager regarding my body image and felt I had no-one to talk to about it. Horrible times.
As a mumma to 2 darling girls I've made a conscious decision to let them see me in all my glory. As a result I see the same freedom in their faces that Amy had all those years ago. And that makes me hell yeah happy.

Owlissa said...

I fully agree with this. We have nudity in the house, sometimes even in the garden! My son is only 15 months old, so we're naked together a lot. As you say, it's the most practical way. I can not imagine how I would get dressed, shower, our go to the toilet, if I didn't want him to see me.

A body is just a body. They are all good!

Anonymous said...

You are aces. That is all x

Amy said...

Monty says, "mine have nipples, mama - you have boogies!"

We love our nudie bods around casa de Paul as well. I'm always surprised that our friends that drop in haven't experienced a flash of flesh yet!

on ya' my dear. lovely topic - skin, wobbly bits. Keepin it real!

Cassandra Louise said...

Nudity has never been a big deal in my family. When I was little, up to about seven years old, I sometimes had a shower with my mum either "as a treat" or to save time. I don't know if that's normal, but I always thought it was and I think that's what matters.

Anonymous said...

I'm nude or semi dressed most of the time. It's usually just me and Aidan kicking back at home. He's always naked as we're in the throws of toilet training but personally I find it freeing. Hubby pretty much strips off as he comes in the door from work lol. hmm that sounds like we live in a nudist colony but we dont, it's just not a big deal. Aidan know mumma has different bits than dadda and he knows the right names. I find it hysterical when people get so uptight. Great post x

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

we are so nude around here. so often.

Loz and Dinny said...

Well we are clearly in the deviant camp - its all nutie nutie round this joint ... down stairs bathroom - upstairs bedrooms ... we are all for the flash - I agree - who has the energy for the logistics for the alternative?

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Growing up I always saw my parents naked (I still see my mum from time to time!) but Dave can't ever remember ever seeing his. I'm not sure if this has made any difference to us as adults but it's kinda interesting how people grow up with such different views on nudity. I'm all for getting my bits out as well. xx

melissa said...

My kids see my husband and myself nude daily, it's just a part of getting ready in our house.

They've also seen all their grandparents nude (I assume!) since they wander in while they are in the shower etc.

Unknown said...

Nudity is a feature of our house too. To the point where we have to remember when we have guests not to strut out starkers (although it has happened).

Hubs and I have always been clothing optional around the kids, but it is interesting that as they are getting older and their bodies are changing they are preferring not to be nude around us.
It's refreshing to know that we aren't the only household that does it too!
Tasha xo