Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Big Week At Chez PottyMouth

Well, well, well.

It's been a big week around our neck of the woods.

The Doctor started back at school. Exciting. Scared. Nervous. Poor little guy was so nervous on the day, he couldn't eat much for breakfast, so we just chatted about why he was nervous; what was going to happen at school (we could only guess); and how he knew lots already about school - and he'd be back with his friends.

This week he is KO'ed and hitting the hay early every night.

Golly gosh he makes my heart swell.

And the other big news for the Doctor...
He lost one of his top front teeth on Tuesday - and the Tooth Fairy came overnight. Mega cute attacks.

Tiny is at a new preschool and loving it. I have such a good feeling about the preschool, and can't wait 'til I get to go and pick her up again, because I just quite like being there! Maybe I should study early childhood, then I could go there more often. 

And the good news here: Tiny is hitting the hay early too - which is amazeballs because like I've said before, that girl has STAMINA, with a capital S. 

How's your week going? School? Packing lunches? You ok? 


Cass said...

Lucky I just read your post the tooth fairy needs to come here too. My kids are loosing teeth like nobodies business this year.

small catalogue said...

Preschool here. Is hard work on us Mums all this competitive lunch box packing and all. Loving it. Loving ballet and swimming too.

Anonymous said...

Aww man, my baby starts high school tomorrow! HIGH SCHOOL...

And she's a bit stressey. So my reasoning was "You didn't know how to ride a bike till you got on one and gave it a shot. High School will be the same. You'll go, get yourself organised, ya might get lost a few times, but before you know it you'll be a qualified High School kid. And if anyone gives you grief, give em my number..."

Hang in there peeps. it's nearly the weekend.

[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Wow, time for new adult teeth! I'm sure the tooth fairy was good to him ;)

Abi started pre-school/kindy 3 weeks ago and loves it. Her kindy is amazing. AMAZING! I want to stay when I drop her off too. But today we had our 1st encounter of her being hit by another kid, so that was hard.

I've done spin class twice this week and I'm BUGGERED.

Tomorrow, Abi starts swim classes again at a new school. Wasn't impressed with her progress at the old place.

I hope I can get out of bed in the morning... wish me luck!!


Sarah said...

My boys start next week (see Tassie is always behind)... My eldest start high school this year and he is really happy - phew

NOT looking forward to the lunch routine. IT is such a poo bum event here.

Would be lovely if they did got to bed and SLEEP early.

sophie said...

Yay for Tiny sleeping, you must be so happy! Evie went down for the first with no fuss in like forever!

Hope the Doctor has an awesome year. xxx

Jenny Czarny said...

Love your blog. Great read. Little madam (my eldest) starts 3yo kinder this week. She has stamina too so looking forward to (hopefully) some (or two anyway) earlier nights from her. At the moment, she goes to bed just after 8 and is still well and truly on the go till 9:30 and beyond. It's difficult to fathom how its possible!