Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscars: Brad + Angelina + Her Leg

I imagine if you shook Angelina's hand you might wind up with frostbite, such is my concept of her coldness, she's an Ice Queen to the max.

And yet, what is this? Doth she smile widely and so brightly? Has she dislocated her leg to show it off at all possible moments? Does she think she is Jake the Peg?  Inso, Rolf will be so proud.

PS - Would someone mind sponsoring Brad Pitt's hair washing regime? It seems to be left wanting.

Black velvet frock by Atelier Versace.

image via PopSugar


jodi said...

I have laughed out loud at every single post tonight Lexi, you're on a roll.

What is that leg doing?

bec said...

Obviously a dislocated hip. Yeah, smiling but no face crease, which = odd. If only he'd ditch her...he'd go back to being oh, so, eligible- however, having her as 'the ex' in your life could be annoying!

Littlemissairgap said...

She sh!ts me. End of story ;-)

Mama Mash said...

She's all angles... reminds me of the evil Mum from Coraline... Team Jen all the way!

small catalogue said...

The lip liner is what got me. Dreadful.