Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscars: Sullen Rose Byrne

Anna Wintour called. She wants her wig back.

I used to walk to work behind Rose Byrne. We both caught ferries into Circular Quay, then we walked down to Walsh Bay. Her to Sydney Theatre Company, me to Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Clearly we are kindred spirits, and that gives me the unique position of being able to offer up some advice.

You're totes hot. We get that.

But for goodness sake, crack a smile for once. You're starting to remind me of Kristen Stewart. Crankypants dot com will be dialling you up real soon.

PS - While I do like your dress, it's a little subdued and, well, dare I say it, boring. Dynasty black sequins and Anna Wintour's wig? Yowsers. As your friend, this isn't your best. But yes, yes you are still mega-beautiful.


Angela said...

I reckon she is trying to be "distinguished" with no luck just looks a bit miserable instead, a bit like Posh (although i idolise her and her husband of course) or Angelique, who i must say smiled today (amazing). Yes i agree, smiling is so much more becoming lol xxxx

Angela said...
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mama bear said...

SEE?!! I told you about Rose Byrne – and you didn't believe me.

I agree, she's gorgeous but her style is 30 years above her age, in a bad way. x

fast times in münchen. said...

I used to sit behind her in uni lectures back in the day and she just oozed coolness and quirkiness. And drop dead gorgeousness, of course. I'd take that Rose over this Rose any day. xxx