Thursday, 15 March 2012

Not Even Close

A pre-PS - you should listen to this song before reading this post.

Well. Hello there. I've had a wee break and thought I had better report in.

What kind of blogger leaves their blog unattended for two days? Me. Sorry about that.

This week has been busy and interesting, and I've felt long moments of anxiety - where an almost skull cap of tension comes over me, and I don't want anyone near me, I feel fractious. I feel claustrophobic. It's not a good feeling - and to be completely frank - because what else am I (?) I do not like it.

But I am ok. I am definitely ok. Fear not for me. I will (hopefully bounce back) as a more vibrant me. I'm painting my nails in Darling Showpony as testament to this hope.

So I turn to you dear reader. I need food for the soul. When everything's dried up in me, and I feel like the marrow is completely sucked dry, please tell me of your good tidings. I want to hear every sordid detail. SPILL!

image source: green diary
Post-PS - you should now listen to this song - 1. for the song; 2. because I feel like I miss Robert and 3: the palette. I wanted to be one of those girls. HAWT!

Post - PPS - I always wondered how Robert got those ka-TING noises. I presume it's ninjas battling in the background. It's a given, right?


teddybearswednesday said...

OH Lexi, i hope you feel better soon. It's yucky way to be, anxiety is a horrible thing as it's something i suffer from from time to time.
OK good news from my end? I'm an aunt , again!!! Yes as of Monday I have a niece. Grace Ellen ( the ellen after my mum) and she's ever so cute!! I hope that does the trick.
big hugs to you in the meantime.xo

shine little light* said...

*hugs* I hate that anxious feeling, I know it I do. My house got flooded but me my husband our dog and our love letters (oh and the Smeg fridge) survived. Thats my good news. *s*

Anonymous said...

Ugh, anxiety. Spent many years on pills for that, they worked a treat. Then anxiety blends into 'normal' life and you realise we all go through it! tHANKS FOR THE LINK- BUT i SKIPPED STRAIGHT TO THIS ooh, and sorry for the caps, too late and too much Phil Collins to care haha. Big hugs and go You Tube!

bec said...

Oh, that last post was me, accidentally clicked anonymous as it posted! freaky....

dear olive said...

I've had an enormous week, full of highs and lows. Highlight - seeing bon iver at the opera house (it feels about four months ago, but it was only Monday). Low light - I'm tossing up here between the bizarre, out of the blue insomnia I've had or the car breaking down in peak hour on the gladesville bridge. Fun times. Hope you're feeling ok. Kellie xx