Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Review: SUV in the City

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Last week I got to test-drive the new Mitsubishi ASX. When I saw it, I thought, ‘yep, now there’s a gas guzzler if I ever saw one’. I drove that baby back and forth to work all week – and when I returned it, it was only just on the half-way mark. My regular car uses a heck of a lot more fuel than that per week – and it’s a smaller car.

So there’s surprise number one for me. The Mitsubishi ASX offers fabulous fuel economy. And when I’m seeing petrol prices yo-yoing like Lindsay Lohan’s hemline – well I’m thinking fuel economy is right up there for me.

I cruised the streets like it was nobody’s business. I was perched up there, with a great view of the traffic. When parking, the reverse camera lit up in the rear-view mirror – and I felt like some kind of spy and it helped me reverse park smoothly. That there people – that technology, wowsers.

Lunchtime on Friday and the five members of our team trickled out to the carpark and we all piled in to go to lunch. There were several revelations that there was so much room for legs, handbags and chatting – and the sleek leather interior. This was Sex In the City meets The Stig.

When you turn the car on, the door mirrors open out, when you lock the car, the fold in – I am always doing this manually to our car, since someone whacked ours off a few months ago. It’s like it has little ears. So cute.

And of course, paramount to buying a car: safety features. SRS Airbags; an energy absorbing front section to offer occupants protection; reverse camera (which I used for parking and should not replace checking around your car before backing out); reverse parking sensors (my BFFs); active traction control; ABS and so much more.

For more information check out their website here.