Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sneaky McSneakerson: (Kale) Smoothie

On Saturday the smalls were given some chocolate by a well-meaning friend. We're by no means perfect and pure, but I have been trying to remove refined sugars, colours and so on from our pantry - not in a nutty way - just in a 'we don't need this crap in our diet' way -  and replace it with more and more wholefood. 

All afternoon the kids had been in a slow decline, naturally becoming tireder towards the end of the day. (Halleluljah!)

And then they ate the chocolate.

Literally within minutes Tiny was bouncing off the walls. She was back on. I felt so defeated. Deflated. Meanwhile, she was a helium balloon. Up, up and away.

Fast-forward to this afternoon when I thought, I am going to gazump those little kittehs, whip up a knock-out Vitamix smoothie that they love to love.

I chucked in the following for a delicious smoothie that the Doctor rated as the highlight of his day (high-five!). Just wait 'til you see what I snuck in there:

1 x banana
1 x cup mixed berries (frozen)
2 apples
1 tablespoon of honey
1 small handful of kale. YES KALE! 

Blitz. Serve to two small children - and they will never know the kale is in there. Scout's honour. 

I was so stoked to find kale at my fruit and veg today. The lady at the shop I think was a little bewildered by my excitement - I've been trawling all the local shops looking for it.  It's in season now folks, and is super duper good for you. Get into it! 


Belinda said...

Before I was pregnant I the biggest Kale lover, however I cannot look at anything green without feeling blah. I am going to try your recipe and give it to the kidlets too. X

Olga K said...

Ha ha this is great to sneak in kale like you did, Lexi!
I did such smoothie with chocolate and a teaspoon of peanut butter instead of apples. Chocolate and berries go well together and hide kale very nicely.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Yum! I LOVE kale, must try that one, sounds so good!

gret said...

What a great idea! I should try that. Love the idea of more whole foods too - it's so easy to get lazy and hard not to give in to the whinge for processed foods. I guess the idea is just not to have them in the house at all. Have you seen these recipes?

Strawberry "ice cream" - http://theprimalhome.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/strawberry-ice-cream-non-dairy-sugar.html

And Banana "Ice cream" (one ingredient!) -

Melanie Moss said...

I adore Kale so good for you and amazing what you can do with it. Try it stir fried with tons of garlic, some chilli and ginger you will love it. I also hide it in juices, will definitely try thus one thanks!

Lisa McLean said...

I have been looking for kale myself! Love that kids did not notice it. I must keep looking and give this mix ago in my Vitamix!

jess - shelf / life said...

I love kale but can never seem to find it at the shops... I probably would have been just as excited as you to see it on the shelves!