Monday, 12 March 2012

Tiny the Tyrant

Tiny is putting me through my paces these last couple of weeks.

That little innocent face? Yes. That little person, hamming it up for the cameras, has been a complete and utter whirlwind of mischief.

First stop - weeing on the Doctor's bed in the morning.

When asked why she did this - her response:
"I couldn't see the toilet."

Second stop - a number two not in the loo - in the bathtub, together with a bath towel and a bath mat. The girl is gross.

She did not even deny this.

Third stop on this whistle stop tour of havoc - this time - a jolly big wee on her bed.

And today friends, I went to pick the Doctor up from school - I pulled the scooters out of the boot because I thought - what the hey - it will be fun! Tiny rode her scooter all of 1 metre, then threw herself on the ground and chucked an almighty wobbly. Almighty in the sense that every other parent who walked past gave me that knowing look, and I almost listed her on eBay. Yes. That kind of almighty look.

At home she's been turning her bedroom into a librarian's nightmare by tossing all her books all over the floor. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. Together with a nice mix of clean and worn clothes. I've given up assessing whether the clothes need washing or not, fold half of them and toss the others into the wash.

Then there's the kamikaze attacks on the Doctor. I arrived home from work last week to find the Doctor sporting a hefty bite mark on his cheek. Seriously?

And on a separate day, the smalls were in the bath, I walked in to find the Doctor completely covered in scratch marks, and Tiny reclining at the other end of the bath. They now have separate baths because they fight too much.

What is going on with Tiny? Do I need an intervention? Or just a holiday?


Jodie said...

awww....what is the matter with Tiny? Is she worried about something? xx Hope she's feeling happier soon xx

Coal Valley View said...

Oh they can be little Minx's can't they! Is she just tired from school/pre-school? Hope she gets her Tiny mojo back soon xx

Sara said...

hmm is it too early to blame hormones?! Sounds very difficult indeed! Possibly the last thing you feel like giving her but perhaps more cuddles might sort her out? kill her with kindness?!

Michelle said...

I just drafting an ad for ebay myself this week...."Collection of clothes to fit 9 year old girl. Comes with 9 year old girl."

Thinking of you Lexie, I hope you find a solution soon

Michelle said...

Is she three? I have always found the threes to be much worse than the twos - seem to get a whole lot of boundary pushing at three.

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Lexi, i'm sorry i have no advice, here, but it sounds like a nightmare.
you poor thing.
and i most definitely think you need a holiday xo

katiecrackernuts said...

Oh dear. I can't say I have a solution though I am pretty sure my parents sent us off for a stay at my grandparents when it all became too hard - interstate.

Jenny Czarny said...

Poor you. It sounds like Tiny is no different to my little madam, though. How old is she again? Three??? Threenagers! Must be something in the water, I'd say...

dear olive said...

Surely just a holiday. She's way too cute for an intervention. Kellie xx

Sally said...

Oh lordy lordy... I wrote about my Ms 3yrs yesterday too. She is so challenging at the moment. So much better at pushing the boundaries than her older brother was. Oh my. I know where you're at.

Lauren said...

My son was like that when out youngest was did pass. He was 3 at the time and it was a freakin hideous age! Any major changes?