Monday, 5 March 2012


The Doctor has lost his second top tooth over the weekend.

As he noted, it's the first tooth he's lost at home, all the others have fallen out at school - and only one made it home.

Not to worry. I wasn't pinning all my hopes and dreams on those lost teeth.

The Tooth Fairy came and went, and now he's checking his other teeth for wobblies - the Tooth Fairy is a lucrative deal.

It dawned on me today how big my boy is growing. He'll be seven before too long, which means I've been a mama for just as long.

There's the revelation that old people are right. The older you get, the quicker the time seems to pass. I can remember clutching that newborn to my chest after two hours of pushing.


Jasmine said...

Don't people hate you when you say it took two hours! My labour was two hours too. I get very annoyed looks from poor mums that were in labour for daaaaaaays!

Norbyah said...

i know just how you feel. it's amazing. my baby is 9 now. but i remember his baby days as if they were yesterday.

p.s. just catching up on some of the clips you posted. the one from about lloyd at work with droga5 is brilliant. i shed a tear, too. and will share it.

Cathi said...

No kidding about time going by faster the older you get. My first born is 49!