Monday, 2 April 2012

Flower Bombing The School

Yesterday I had the great fortune of being invited to the debut of Megan Morton's piece de resistance: The School.

Let me start off with the admin side of things. Firstly, I sat across from the beautiful Jody - who I met about 10 years ago, through an ex-boyfriend. I am one of those people that HAS to tell someone I have met them before - and make myself incredibly embarrassed in the meantime. So I told her, and then I got nervous rash all over my face and could feel my cheeks burning for what felt like the longest time. 

Then we sat down to watch a short video - and my jaw dropped when I saw another of my ex boyfriends guest-starring.


I should have probably done a circuit of the tables to check if any other links to exes were lurking. Any hidden cameras? Was I being Punk'd and they were going to drop an ex through the skylight next? Crumbs. 

Totes awkes.
I really wanted to crawl away at this point.

But once that was out of the way? We went to town making flower bombs - with great aplomb. Under the direction of the effervescent Holly Hipwell, with a glass of rose in one hand, and a pair of scissors, some carnations and some oasis in the other. My goodness it was a hoot!

And so it was that I found myself, amidst 32 other people, making flower bombs, under the watchful eye of Megan Morton and Holly Hipwell. (gosh I love the alliteration of those names). 

The School website is open for business from today. Sign up and check out the school holiday classes. Rad to the max. 

Read more about Holly Hipwell's hottness for hydrangeas (and other flowers) here.


{ sunday collector } said...

So bummed I couldn't make this...looked like a lovely day! The name Holly Hipwell is very cool, I agree. And...thanks for your lovely comment re. the baby room, my husband read it and said 'that is the best comment I have ever seen on your blog'.
And...just caught up with the April Fools joke..haha! One of my good friends announced on Facebook yesterday she was engaged to her long term boyfriend...didn't go down too well when it was announced a joke...I get sucked in every time! x

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Shontelle said...

I wish my name was Holly Hipwell. She sounds like she just jumped out of and Enid Blyton novel.

Hair Romance said...

Sydney is way too small sometimes. Love those flower bombs though